Janice Hayes-Cha 8 x 10 Framed Prints


Vibrant, mixed media collages from recycled greeting cards
Janice’s work has depth and texture, and reveals surprises for the astute observer.  She loves to capture the complexity of iconic places in both her hometown of Boston, where she lives now, and her second love, Philadelphia, where she launched her art career.

“In my early 40’s, I got through two years of cancer treatment with lots of support and love from friends who sent me hundreds of get-well cards. One day as I was re-reading the cards beside my bed, I got the idea to create a collage, hoping to imbue the art with the wishes and prayers from the writers.

It was deeply gratifying to make this art. Watercolor painting had always been my avocation, but these mixed media collages somehow captured both the subject but also all the emotions in the cards. I started selling the work and could barely keep up with the demand.

After a clean bill of health. I took a leap of faith and began a professional career as an artist, first in the Philadelphia area where I had just moved with my husband and four kids (yes, four of them). In 2015, we all moved back to the Boston area, allowing me to re-visit the city artistically. “

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The LOVE statue sits in the center of JFK plaza in Center City, Philadelphia and must be one of the most often photographed places here (next to the statue of Rocky!)

Philly Twilight is a view of the city from a bridge going through Fairmount Park- when I saw the view I pulled over and took some photos.  I love the row houses in Philly and tried to capture their unique personalities

A magical view of Boathouse Row with Lemon Hill behind it.   I wanted a piece that included all the boathouses and was situated within Fairmount Park but also showed a little of the city.  This work includes details of each boathouse that are mostly correct.  It took me forever to put all those windows in there.

Boathouse Row is an iconic image in Philadelphia but this is an unusual angle, because it puts my rowing club, Bachelors Barge Club, in the center.  I have to say, this piece was so difficult because of all the different roof angles, buildings, and docks.  I think it captures the quirkiness of the different boathouses well, though.

City of Sisterly Love:  Philadelphia City Hall is an impressive building that used to be the highest structure in the city with William Penn at the top.  My piece celebrates Philadelphia from a female perspective.  Women, girls, mothers, goddesses and angels peer out and stand tall.  Historical figures in the work include Billie Holiday, Marian Anderson and Rebecca Gratz. Venus, goddess of love, beauty and fertility, watches over this great city of sisterly and brotherly love.  This piece was exhibited at Philadelphia City Hall Art Gallery.

The Hiway Theater on Old York Road in Jenkintown– nothing says Jenkintown like the Hiway with its gorgeous facade and restored neon sign.  And what’s playing but Silver Linings Playbook– starring Bradley Cooper, Jenkintown’s very own local celebrity.

Ben Franklin Parkway: When Rocky Balboa ran up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and turned around, he took in this gorgeous view.

The Philadelphia Art Museum with its iconic Rocky Statue – which was originally a prop for the Rocky II movie.  High and low art! I love this view but its tough to get a photo of because there are so many tourists in front of the statue all the time

The Phillies play in gorgeous Citizens Bank Park– and this piece pays tribute to the team’s most beloved players, including Mike Schmidt, Steve Carlton, Chase Utley, Richie Ashburn, Roy Halladay, Dutch Daulton, Cleveland Alexander, Tug McGraw, Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard and twenty other players that you can find on the field.

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