Skylar Paige Self Love Bracelet


Skylar Paige “Self Love” bracelet, Japanese glass  Miyuki® “Tila” beads, with message in morse code: Self Love.

The Skylar Paige brand mission – to code each of the products with inspiration that can empower the female soul.

Stretch-on bracelets are made from premium quality Japanese glass  Miyuki® “Tila” beads. The bracelets are meticulously manufactured with a Morse code pattern, impactful messaging and packaging.  Mikuki® Tila beads are manufactured glass that is melted in a 1400 degree furnace and then formed into a tubular mold through blowing and stretching.  A special cutting machine is used to perfectly cut the desired size; a second forming process occurs after the cutting machine.  Beads are cleaned and then electroplated, dyed, baked, printed, etc. The final step, another cleaning.




Available in a variety of colors.


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