Philly Print: City of Sisterly Love


Philadelphia City Hall is an impressive building that used to be the highest structure in the city with William Penn at the top.

My piece celebrates Philadelphia from a female perspective.  Women, girls, mothers, goddesses and angels peer out and stand tall.  Historical figures in the work include Billie Holiday, Marian Anderson and Rebecca Gratz. Venus, goddess of love, beauty and fertility, watches over this great city of sisterly and brotherly love.  This piece was exhibited at Philadelphia City Hall Art Gallery.

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About Janice’s Art

While recovering from my second bout of cancer in my early forties, I looked at a big box of get well cards by my bed and started making small collages inspired by all the flowers that friends sent me. Now I collect cards from all over and create art that captures the quirky beauty of my favorite places and gives new life to the sentiments expressed in the cards.

How I Make my Work

My ideas for a new piece of art usually emerge when I am walking, running or rowing. Sometimes I see an incredible view that I want to capture, like the sun hitting a hillside or the reflection of a bridge on the water. Other times a friend asks, “have you ever thought about doing such-and-such place?” and I start thinking about it and researching it on line.

Every piece starts with a photograph, usually one I have taken myself and then sometimes augmented by images I find online. I begin to sketch out the composition in pencil on paper and then I paint these paper sketches to get a sense of how the shapes look in color.

The next step is to create a sketch and under painting on canvas. Because I am familiar with the subject now, I work very quickly to lay down the basic colors. I take a photo of the painting so I can refer to it to once everything starts to get covered up.

The pieces are created from back to front. I start the background: the sky, hills or faraway buildings. I rifle through bins and bins of cards looking for the family of shades I will use for these areas. My entire studio is filled with cards, arranged by color.

I start cutting and pasting. I try to work quickly and not over-think it.  I use a mix of glues to get the right tacky consistency that will hold the pieces down, and several different types of scissors.


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