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Janice Hayes-Cha Artist Image

Janice Hayes-Cha

Vibrant, mixed media collages from recycled greeting cards. While recovering from my second bout of cancer in my early forties, I looked at a big box of get well cards by my bed and started making small collages inspired by all the flowers that friends sent me.

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Now I collect cards from all over and create art that captures the quirky beauty of my favorite places and gives new life to the sentiments expressed in the cards.

Janice’s work has depth and texture, and reveals surprises for the astute observer. She loves to capture the complexity of iconic places in both her hometown of Boston, where she lives now, and her second love, Philadelphia, where she launched her art career.

Dana Herbert

Dana Herbert

Dana Herbert lives in Portland, Oregon where her line is designed and manufactured since 1998. Her daughter, Hannah, joined Dana in recent years and their collaborative efforts are expansive, inspiring and fun!

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With a lifelong love of textiles and color, this dedicated mother and daughter team show up each season with fresh new scarves and ponchos in styles that vary from perfectly casual to truly luxurious, as well as cosmetic bags, and aromatherapy eye pillows and heat wraps in gorgeous fabrics AND a line of simple yet modern jewelry with a fabulous mix of semi precious stones, glass beads and metal.

Dana and Hannah travel to New York, LA, and Paris to see what is new and beautiful, looking for materials that will offer their customers something unique and affordable, yet always with a flare for style.

Desert Heart

Desert Heart Jewelry

Deb Sparshott is the heart of Desert Heart, a large, lovely line of great jewelry, designed by Deb and aided by a small group of dedicated craftspeople.

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“My designs are always a combo of materials. I love contrast and you can see that very clearly in the work. I use a crazy array of stones and pearls, sequins and recycled glass. Acrylic and rubber. Contemporary glass and vintage treasures, shiny metals and gently antiqued ones. If I can include a little sparkle as I go, well, so much the better. Whatever works, whatever catches my eye. Whatever seems right at the time.” They’re all handmade in the US, by a small group of dedicated craftspeople and they always will be!

Hardwear by Renee

Launched in 2001, Hardwear By Renee is a handbag line specializing in contemporary handbags. The handbags are designed with atypical items such as hardware and recycled materials. The collection features a range of modern colors with a clean urban style.

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Based in Portland, Oregon, the company is owned and operated by Renee Sonnichsen, an artist and designer. She strives to create a line of strong, sexy, and smart handbags that easily transition from day to evening. Inspired by her vision of today’s woman, the line of handbags proves durability need not be dowdy, nor femininity fussy and fragile, that’s hardwear, and that’s you.

Hilborn Pottery

Hilborn Pottery Design, owned and operated by Rick and Nancy Hilborn, has been producing Canadian hand-made pottery since 1975.

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Nancy’s creative and unique design style has enabled the studio to provide a distinctive brand of functional pottery that is well-known and respected across North America, as well as affording her numerous awards and commissions. Rick, referred to as the “Assistant Potter” by their three children, runs the production and business side of the studio. Truly a family run studio, Hilborn Pottery continues to offer exceptional quality and design in its handmade ceramic pots. They are food and drink safe as well as oven, microwave and dishwasher proof.

Maruca Design Artist Image

Maruca Design

Maruca Design offers glorious fabric handbags for the style conscious woman. Since 1991 they have been embracing the principles of the Arts & Crafts Movement in America. With many different styles, fabrics, textures and colors to choose from, Maruca’s unique jacquard handbags and accessories are a beautiful addition to any wardrobe.

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All of Maruca’s bags are handmade in Boulder, Colorado and their in-house designed fabrics are all milled in the U.S.A. New fabrics are introduced twice per year, making every Maruca handbag a limited edition.

Museware Pottery

Handmade & personalized pottery made by Sheree and her crew of two in New Hampshire. Our pottery is hand painted on unfinished, white earthenware. No computers or decals are used. Due to the handmade nature of our product, no two pieces are exactly alike.

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Elevate gift-giving by choosing creatively designed pottery handmade and personalized just for your family and friends. Since 2005, Sheree has been designing and creating handcrafted wedding gifts, ceramic anniversary gifts, family tree plaques, personalized gifts for newborns, personalized housewarming gifts, guest book alternatives, and signature platters.

Each piece receives up to 5 layers of paint before being kiln fired at 1835* for up to 9 hours, resulting in a smooth, glossy, food safe finish. Our best pottery gifts start withour Wedding Invitation Gifts. Each artist designed wedding invitation plate includes their wedding invitation wording handwritten in our own natural cursive, and finished with the couple's names and wedding date. The result is a keepsake gift that we promise they will cherish forever.

Whether your gift becomes unique wall decor or a special occasion serving piece, it will be used and appreciated for years to come. And they'll remember you each time they reach for it. That's gift-giving at its best.

Sincerely, Sticks

Sincerely, Sticks is the signature line of
Sticks art prints. Every Sincerely, Sticks piece is artisan printed, pulling designs directly from handmade originals.

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Manufactured in our award winning studio in Des Moine, Iowa, these printed products reflect the recognizable aesthetic of Sticks handmade originals, but at a lower price point. Sincerely, Sticks brings an accessible design without sacrificing quality.

Ayala Bar Jewelry

Although our shop is dedicated to American made crafts, there is an exception to every rule…Ayala’s jewelry is made in Israel, where she resides, and her work is truly exceptional!

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Wherever Ayala Bar goes, her surroundings inspire her. For this creative artist, the universe is indeed in the details. Insights and ideas are collected from sights and sites that to the average person seem mundane.

Nothing is routine to Ayala. The materials she works with – simple metals, glass beads, mineral stones and crystal rhinestones are used to translate her creative perceptions into intricate patterns with a thousand messages. The truth is that Ayala’s style cannot be categorized. That is why every woman finds her own special radiance and very personal signature in the Ayala Bar jewelry she has chosen. This precious integrity creates the radiance that is Ayala’s own signature. And each piece is a limited edition, as Ayala creates and releases a new line every 6 months…amazing!